How A Compost Tumbler Can Benefit You

ComposTumbler 08001 Back Porch 5-Cubic-Foot Heavy-Duty Poly Compost Bin

ComposTumbler 08001 Back Porch 5-Cubic-Foot Heavy-Duty Poly Compost Bin

Benefits Of A Compost Tumbler

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Making your own compost does take a lot of hard work and dedication.   However you can now purchase a compost tumbler which makes the whole process of making your own compost far simpler and easier to do.

There are some advantages to open composting but using a compost tumbler will not only save you time but takes far less effort to keep your compost pile aerated.   Rather than you having to turn over the compost yourself manually the tumbler does the work for you instead.

Rather than having to use a fork or pitchfork to turn over your compost with these devices you simply have to turn the unit as a whole.   Not only does it take a lot less fuss to carry this task out but it is also a lot less messy.   Even if you only turn your device every few days you know that the microbes inside are doing their job which is to eat and decompose the matter placed inside it.   In fact the hardest task you have is remembering to throw in any kitchen scraps you have to it and then turn it to ensure that the new material gets mixed in well.

However not only does a compost tumbler help to reduce the amount of work it takes to make compost it comes with other advantages to.   Some are built to be raised off the ground so reducing the amount of heat absorbed which could cause the compost to breakdown quicker.   Then there are other forms of tumblers for making compost that have dual chambers that allow you to mix up compost as you throw in new material.   This means that not only are you able to aerate the old compost but at the same time you are allowing the new material to decompose.

Then there are compost tumblers that have screened vents to ensure that the flow of air through them is even.   Also you will find many of these devices come with an extra feature known as a tea collector which allows “compost tea” to be created.   This is a very nutritious liquid that the tumbler is able to draw from the decomposing material and is an excellent diluted form of fertilizer.

Finally of course as the contents within your compost tumbler is enclosed then there is no risk of unwanted creatures such as rats or mice making their home within the pile.   Plus it will prevent insects and other creatures that may carry diseases from having access to the decomposing material which when used on your garden could prove detrimental to the health of the plants you are growing.
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